Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Crocodile Stitch Crochet Barefoot Sandals

I have just published my pattern for Crocodile Crochet Barefoot Sandals on Ravelry!

These barefoot sandals are ideal for those practicing yoga and belly dancing. They’re also perfect for the beach or for those lucky enough to be attending a beach wedding. Can’t find a pair of sandals to match your outfit? No problem, you can even find yarn to match what you’re wearing, make a pair of these and wear them over flip flops, or the currently on trend two strap sandals!

Level of Difficulty: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate - the pattern has many guidance photo’s and a photo tutorial on the crocodile stitch included. The pattern has been tested by four Ravelry members, two of whom were not experienced in the stitch and both of whom made a beautiful pair of sandals! And all of the testers said they’d be making more :)

Click here to view the pattern on Ravelry.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Free Pattern: Gossamer Crochet Baby Blanket

This pattern is so simple and works up quickly with neat edges even without the border! It's light weight too, so perfect for a pram blanket and it's also lacy so would be fantastic made larger in white for a christening!

Skill level: Beginner

Sizes: Any size you wish to make!

US terminology used

Yarn: DK/Light Worsted/8ply baby yarn - I used Jarol Mother of Pearl in shade 3013 (cream)

Hook: 6.5mm (K)

Gauge: Not particularly important.

Chain (ch)
Double Crochet (dc)
Slip Stitch (sl st)
Space (sp)
Stitch (st)

Special stitches:
Bobbles on edging - dc3tog (dc6tog) - To dcXtog - *YO, insert hook in next st, YO, pull up a loop, YO, draw through two loops*, repeat from * to * twice (five) times, YO, and draw through all loops on hook.


Ch64 - you can chain any size you like as long as it is a multiple of 4 to make a baby blanket, lapghan or afghan.  This made a 24inch blanket, without the border for me.

Row 1: 2dc in 5th ch from the hook (4ch at start counts as a dc and a ch1), ch2, 2dc in nxt ch, * skip 2 ch, 2dc in next ch, ch2, 2dc in next ch, repeat from * to last 3 chs, skip 2 ch, 1dc in last ch, turn.

Row 2: Ch4 (counts as a dc and a ch1), [2dc, ch2, 2dc] in each ch2 space, ending 1dc in 3rd ch of ch3, turn.

Repeat row 2 until you reach the desired length.

NOTE:  The ch4 at the start of each row counts as a dc and a ch1, therefore you will skip both of these when working the next row and work a 2dc, ch2, 2dc shell into the ch2 spaces between the shells in the previous rows, ending with a dc in the top of the 3rd ch of the ch4 below (essentially the top of the previous rows starting dc).

Round 1: Work 1 round of sc all the way around your project. When you get to the corners, ch 2 to form the corner space. At the end of the round, join the end to the beginning with a sl st.

Rounds 2-4: Repeat round 1 so you have 4 rows of sc.

Round 5: Work alternate dc3tog in one st, sc in next st around (creates bobble edging).  Work dc6tog in ch2 space of corners.

I hope you like this pattern! If you have any problems with it please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll see if I can help!

Text and images by Lolly's Crafty Crochet & Laura Tegg, all rights reserved. No pattern may be reproduced or distributed — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying, without written permission. Finished products created with this pattern may be used for commercial sale. It is appreciated if design credit to Lolly's Crafty Crochet is listed in finished products.